Chrome Desktop Browsing On iPadOS

Chrome Desktop Browsing On iPadOS

I’ve been a Chrome browser user since its inception in 2008. Over the years, I experimented with a wide variety of hardware ranging from Windows gaming rigs and Linux servers to MacOS laptops. Currently, Apple powers the majority of my life; however, I’ve stuck with Chrome as my browser of choice due to its massive market share and cross-platform availability.

After receiving the Magic Keyboard for my iPad Pro, I began to realize that Safari on the iPadOS offers many advantages, namely that it requests the desktop version of a site by default. Fortunately, using Chrome flags, I can accomplish the same with my favorite browser! 🙂

First, open Chrome and navigate to: chrome://flags. Next, search for “desktop” and enable the request desktop version by default flag as shown in the image below.

Then, swipe up with one finger from the bottom edge of the screen and hold in the middle of the screen until the app switcher appears. Find the Chrome app and swipe up over it to end the process. Now simply restart Chrome and the flag will be invoked. 🙂

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