How Much Does Forehead Reconstruction Cost?

How Much Does Forehead Reconstruction Cost?

What is forehead reconstruction?

The forehead encompasses one-third of the face and can be subjected to trauma.

The forehead can be divided into several subunits:

  • Midline: Extends from the space between the brows up to the hairline
  • Median: Adjacent to the midline, which extends from above the brows to the hairline
  • Lateral: Next to median is the lateral subunit
  • Temporal: The side portion
  • Brow: The eyebrow area

Forehead reconstruction is mainly done for the following conditions:

  • Defects because of trauma or tumor removal
  • Replacement of skin and the bony structure

However, medically unfit patients should not undergo this treatment. Any infection or inflammation must be treated first before the reconstruction process. Past radiation of the skin can lead to poor healing after surgery.

How is forehead reconstruction done?

Before the surgery

  • The patient should abstain from cigarette smoking and nicotine products.
  • During the consultation, the surgeon evaluates the defect and its location.
  • The surgeon details the procedure, its risks and the benefits.
  • The surgeon may ask the patient to undergo a CT scan.
  • The surgeon might take photographs of the defects.

During the surgery

The different techniques used to cover the wounds include:

  • Local flaps, created using adjacent tissue, are used for small defects.
  • Skin grafting is used for large defects.
  • Free transfer of tissue is used for gigantic defects.
  • The wound may be left open for healing with frequent dressings.

Any bone defects are repaired before wound closure.

Complications that can arise after the surgery are:

What is the cost of forehead reconstruction?

The cost of this surgery depends upon various factors, so consulting an experienced surgeon can help to review each of the costs. Forehead reconstruction is a major surgery so significant consideration and planning is best for optimal results.

Medically Reviewed on 6/9/2020


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